TIER partners with the Netherlands’ largest MaaS app Gaiyo

The integration of TIER’s electric shared scooters and bikes into Gaiyo has taken Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to the next level. Those who want to book a TIER e-scooter or e-bike can now do so easily through Gaiyo.

Electric shared scooters like those from TIER are a convenient means of transport for travelling the so-called first and last mile, such as from a P+R to your work in the city center, or the ride from your home to a train station. Planning, booking, accessing and paying for shared transport is done quickly and easily in the Gaiyo app. By integrating Tier, Gaiyo now has all the shared scooter parties in the Netherlands in the app!  

Primeur Gaiyo is the first Dutch app with which TIER has entered into an integration collaboration like this. It is also the first full integration of a scooter provider in a MaaS application. For both parties, the integration is an important step in the full growth of MaaS.

Eindhoven en Utrecht TIER Mobility is a German unicorn and European market leader in the field of shared transport. The company has been active in the Netherlands since October 2021. TIER’s bikes can be found in Eindhoven and Utrecht, the scooters only in Utrecht. According to TIER, other Dutch cities are likely to follow.

Locations If you have found a TIER scooter or bike, simply open it with Gaiyo. A helmet is mandatory on the scooters, which you will find in your buddy. TIER uses fixed locations where you can return your shared vehicle. It is possible to return your scooter or bike at a different location.

Pay For the use of the TIER-scooter or -bike you pay in advance from the Gaiyo wallet. If the costs you made later turn out to be less than you reserved for, you will be refunded to your wallet. If you spend more, the remaining amount will be debited automatically. The starting rate is 1.00 and you can ride from 0.15 per minute with the e-bike and 0.30 cents per minute with the e-scooter.

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