Q&A Leon: from intern to employee at Innovactory

Leon Hemrika

In February you came in as an intern and as of July you are employed by Innovactory, how do you like working at Innovactory?

Yes very good! There is certainly an overlap in my internship research and current work. During my internship I was already involved in everything, this is still the case. I now also notice that I can really add things with my work and that this is also appreciated. From the beginning I said that I think Innovactory is a healthy company and this still feels like it. Innovactory is a very nice employer with a nice business atmosphere where I feel at home.

Can you tell me more about your function?

My job title is Trainee. I work in the operational department, where my focus is on BI (business intelligence, or data analysis). I make sure that the choices and developments of the app are based on the user data. The variation in my job never makes the work boring.  I am busy making data analyses but sometimes I also help with marketing. What I like most about my work is solving a question, after puzzling with all the data I’ve received. All the pieces of the puzzle then fall together, this is really a lucky moment for me. At the moment I work 40 hours a week, I like this. I like the regularity of a fulltime working week and in the weekend I really have time off.

What is the biggest difference between doing an internship and working?

Doing an internship is really doing and processing research in a school way. I want to add something to a company. I feel like I do this much more as a Trainee than as an intern. You don’t have to substantiate everything you do in the school way anymore, like in portfolios. What also makes a difference is that I don’t have to do anything besides working at school anymore, such as tests and assessments.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to make a trip to Asia next year, if possible. Actually, I was going to Asia this year, but due to the corona crisis, of course this did not happen. I will certainly see myself working at Innovactory for some time to come. I can do and learn a lot of useful things here. In the future I would like to have my own company.

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