Q&A Laura: from intern to employee

Chances are you’ve read an article, social media post or newsletter from Laura, as she’s been mastering content at Innovactory since this summer. For a change, we’ve now subjected her to a Q&A and get to know her a little better in this Q and A.

Welcome back Laura. What is your role at Innovactory and how do you like your first job? I am a content manager at Innovactory, which means I am responsible for the content created for social media, the websites and our newsletters. I really enjoy doing this and am having a great time.

In the beginning it took some getting used to to going from intern to employee, but now I have more responsibility, can do more of my own thing and can develop my ideas.

We recently had a fun promotion with Gaiyo, where users could take free rides. It was really cool to work on this together and to create a nice end product. These kinds of group projects are my favorite work tasks.

What do you want to achieve as content manager? With my content I want to inform, inspire and activate people. Because travelling with Gaiyo is better for the environment and your wallet! I explain to friends and family that Gaiyo is an app for all your transportation, whether you travel with your own car, public transport or shared transport. You can create your own trip and schedule and rent appropriate transportation – one app for all your transportation and all your trips.

This app is also necessary because we are finding it increasingly difficult to travel to and from cities and to park in them. I think that in the future we will own less transport and use more shared transport. We will have to change quite a bit to save the earth. I think that’s why it’s so nice to have an app like Gaiyo and I think it will become increasingly popular.

Of course that’s also partly because I came to work here, but I see more and more shared scooters and shared bikes in the city and I think that’s a positive development.

You came to work at Innovactory during the corona period and therefore also work from home. What is that like for you? I was still living at home during my internship periods, but honestly prefer to work in the office because then the walls don’t come down on you so quickly. In the first internship year I found that really difficult. You want to get to know your colleagues, but you have to stay at home. Now I prefer to work three days at the office and two days from home. For tasks, like writing content, I work at home so I can focus better. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I like to be among people in the office.

What do you enjoy most at Innovactory? The perks! All employees can work outside the Netherlands for a month. I think this is super cool. Also for employees with family abroad. I’m really going to make use of this. My boyfriend is still studying, so I will stay close to home for now, but a few weeks working from London, Paris or Antwerp seems very interesting. I would love to go to Bali for three weeks to work, swim and work some more!

The daily lunch at the office is also a gift from heaven, but it does bring with it some dilemmas. Will it be a smoked salmon sandwich or carpaccio? I can’t decide between the two.

What I also like about working at Innovactory is that I am the second female colleague at the company (ed: now the third). When working with men, the contact is more direct and less fussy, but women do bring the nicest atmosphere in the house and that’s also good for the company.

You are presented with two options. Choose one.

Car or public transport? Thinks for a long time… The car, but also because it is corona. I don’t like being on a bus or train because of the risk of infection. But when corona is over I will choose the OV.

Scooter or bicycle? Bike. I used a share scooter once, but I’m better on the bike.

Share or own? Own, because then you are assured of transportation. If you are somewhere where there are no scooters or bikes I don’t have that problem.

Electric or petrol? Electric.

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