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Our track record of successful mobility projects

The BESERGA framework

With our in-house developed BESERGA framework, we deliver tailor-made personal mobility services to thousands of users daily.

Since 2013, we have carried out many behavioural change projects for clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our unique and proven behavioural change and serious gaming solution, offers road authorities a range of tools to reduce the number of car trips on their roads.

BESERGA is proven technology based on scientific knowledge and more than 7 years of hands-on experience, embedded in a high-quality service for travellers.

More than 3,500,000 kg of CO2 emissions have been saved and 1,000,000 fewer car trips have been made using BESERGA.

BESERGA helps travellers to find smart alternatives and encourages them to use these alternatives through reward, gamification and behavioural interventions.

The result? Satisfied users of our apps and a reduction in traffic or better distribution over the day or network!


A summary of projecty carried out by us

SlimSpitsen Flexwerken

SlimSpitsen Flexwerken


The Waalbrug in Nijmegen is being renovated, causing extra delays for car traffic, especially in the morning and evening rush hours. The municipality of Nijmegen is committed to maintain the accessibility of Nijmegen during the renovation. The ‘Flexwerken Project’ aims to contribute to the accessibility of the city and region of Nijmegen by encouraging and motivating citizens to work from home supposed to driving their car.


Gemeente Nijmegen

SlimSpitsen Antwerpen

SlimSpitsen Antwerpen

Operational: August 2017 – July 2019

As part of the Slim naar Antwerpen Program of the City of Antwerp, Innovactory supported car drivers with changing their behavior and avoiding the rush hours to and from the city. With realtime information and frequent updates on travel advice for departure times, alternative routes and alternative modes, daily avoidances were made. Gamification and other incentives were added to help users change their travel behavior with success.

Provincie Antwerpen

City of Antwerp

Slimme Reis A2

Slimme Reis A2

Operational: August 2018 – July 2020

In the Province of Brabant there was a daily morning congestion on the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven. Innovactory support the province of Brabant with TimesUpp to seduce, support and convince travelers to avoid the rush hour. Users can all join and participate, receiving credits when they show actual changes in their daily travel routines. Important is that entry to the project is easy, as all car users in the area can join with entering their previous behavior. The project also focusses on the importance of reducing CO2 emissions by the participants.

In total more than 40,000 kilogram Co2 is reduced!


Smartwayz, Province of Brabant

MaaS Pilot Leidsche Rijn

MaaS Pilot Leidsche Rijn

Operational: April 2020 – December 2021

In Utrecht Leidsche Rijn Innovactory starts with the new MaaS service called Gaiyo. Gaiyo is one app for all your transport. With Gaiyo, all users in Utrecht can plan, book and pay for available shared cars, bikes, parking, public transport. Gaiyo is available nationally, whereas we focus on the residents of Utrecht Leidsche Rijn in our marketing campaign. Gaiyo supports these travelers in getting acquainted and familiar with all the new possibilities to get from A to B (and back). The MaaS pilot is part of the national framework for 7 pilots in the Netherlands.





Operational: September 2018 – September 2020

The province and the city of Groningen had a big challenge to minimize traffic congestion during the renovation of the A7 in the city of Groningen. Innovactory helps by motivating the users to change their travel behavior to more sustainable modes such as bike or public transport. Innovactory used TimesUpp to start a behavioral change program to reward users who changed its behavior. Users avoiding the rush hour got credits, which could be used in public transport or spend in webshops of our affiliate partners. This resulted in a reduction of more than 200 car movement per day during rush hour.


Groningen Bereikbaar, Province of Groningen

SLIMspitsen Waalbrug

SLIMspitsen Waalbrug

Operational: April 2019 – Oktober 2020

For the renovation of the 100 year old Waalbrug in the City of Nijmegen, Innovactory supports the municipality of Nijmegen to reduce traffic load. We developed a travel behavior change program and campaign, called ‘SLIMspitsen’, where we reward users who changed its behavior with max 260 euro on vouchers to be spend in webshops of our affiliate partners. The campaign resulted in a reduction of 600 car movements per day during rush hour in and around the city.

City of Nijmegen

Our clients ask us to help them to keep their cities and areas more clean, livable and accessible. Our BESERGA proposal gives them a tool to make this possible.

Thijs Muizelaar, Business Development Manager at Innovactory

Thijs Muizelaar

Business Development Manager