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Shaping the future of mobility

Who we are

We were founded in 2013 by a team of former TomTom employees. We have one common goal to develop and commercialise innovative smart mobility applications. What makes Innovactory’s products unique? They are designed to meet the needs and challenges of motorists travelling in highly congested urban areas. We help them travel seamlessly from A to B using their own bike or car and transport services of our partners, all from one app.

Our life at Innovactory. Read who we are and what we love to do.

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Laura breekt de dag met een potje tafelvoetbal


Roel in actie om nieuwe profielfoto's te maken van alle medewerkers


Zita neemt een stoere pose aan voor onze nieuwe bedrijfsvideo


Weer een nieuwe mijlpaal bereikt in het terugdringen van de files!


Steven stimuleert mensen vaker de fiets te nemen in Nijmegen


Maurice te gast in de studio van Radio Omroep Flevoland


Lucien en Thijs zijn duurzaam op weg naar Brussel 🙂


Murat geeft Gaiyo een duimpje omhoog


Smart mobility

We provide a unique mobility service that matches the individual needs and wishes of our users. It’s our goal to deliver a smart mobility solution to individual travellers to support them during their daily commute, frequent trips and journeys to every destination. Location-aware content applications will be the future, therefore we will deliver the right application and solution for users and our customers everywhere in Europe.

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Our roadmap

We are very much self-reliant. We are well-funded and above all, we have generated a profit since the day we started. This means no VC involvement. In other words, we decide our roadmap, what we want to develop and deliver and where we want to be in the future. We recently have been awarded several challenging MaaS focused projects, which gives us the possibility to rapidly expand our footprint at a Pan-European level.

Our life at Innovactory. Read who we are and what we love to do.
Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO and founder of Innovactory

Lucien Groenhuijzen


Every day, our users decide how and when they travel, whether it’s for business or pleasure. They experience problems and challenges while travelling and we are going to help them with our solutions. As an example, Gaiyo, one app for all their transport needs, allows them to plan, book and pay for everything!

Why did Philipp choose for us and is he still happy?

Find out more about Jaap’s first 30 days at Innovactory?

Zita came to the Netherlands, her best choice ever?

We need to make the impossible possible and solve complex problems by being creative and bringing the right people together. The user is key to our solution and our goal is to introduce our products to the public, let them experience our service and keep them on board.

Maurice Mulders, COO at Innovactory

Maurice Mulders


Our team

Together we shape the future of mobility

  • Lucien Groenhuijzen
  • CEO & Founder
Lucien Groenhuijzen
  • Maurice Mulders
  • Chief Operations Officer
Maurice Mulders
  • Steven Lagerweij
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Thijs Muizelaar
  • Manager Business Development
Thijs Muizelaar
  • Denie Kasan
  • Marketing Manager
Denie Kasan
  • Stefan Bollars
  • Program Manager
Stefan Bollars
  • Steven Hendriks
  • Project Manager
Steven Hendriks
  • Jaap-Herman Bout
  • Product Owner
Jaap-Herman Bout
  • Mattijs Fuijkschot
  • Mobile Architect
Mattijs Fuijkschot
  • Jeroen Siffels
  • Senior Mobile Developer
Jeroen Siffels
  • Santhosh Vaiyapuri
  • Senior Mobile Developer
Santhosh Vaiyapuri
  • Philipp Rost
  • Front-end Developer
Philipp Rost
  • Abinash Raut
  • Backend Engineer
Abinash Raut
  • Dirk Oosterbosch - van der Visch
  • UX Designer
Dirk Oosterbosch – van der Visch
  • Zita Wang
  • Designer
Zita Wang
  • Roel Loos
  • Service Center Coordinator
Roel Loos
  • Murat Bilgili
  • Community Manager
Murat Bilgili
  • Leon Hemrika
  • Trainee
Leon Hemrika