No Spits Today avoids rush hour more than 100,000 times already

Participants of No Spits Today are increasingly leaving the car standing! Together, the participants of No Spits Today have already chosen an alternative to the car in the evening rush hour 100,000 times. Tim is one of the 1,000 participants who avoid the evening rush hour every day. Tim: “As soon as I can, I’m going to take the bike from Zeist to Utrecht and back again. Nothing is better than clearing the wind through the hair and the head!”

Are you curious how you can best avoid the rush hour? No Spits Today gives participants personal tips via the smart app TimesUpp! For example, you can work from home more often than you think, participant Peter remarked: “In consultation with my employer, I have adjusted my working hours and one day a week I try to work from home.

The project is open to motorists who regularly drive out of Utrecht Centre, Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof & Rijnsweerd and Amersfoort-Noord in the evening rush hour. In order to determine how often motorists drive here, a traffic survey was carried out. Interested in participating? You can still participate! See if you can participate via:

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