More Donkey shared bikes in Utrecht

Donkey Republic, supplier of shared bicycles, is partner of Innovactory in the MaaS pilot in Utrecht.

More and more people in Utrecht are using a shared bicycle. Earlier this year already 700 orange shared bikes were placed in Utrecht. Since then, the number of users has increased considerably. The number of rides increased in September to more than a thousand per day. This cooperation successfully stimulates the use of sustainable mobility. That is why Donkey Republic now places about 20 shared bicycles at every station in the city. The bicycles will be placed next to the public transport bicycles at covered parking facilities. Depending on the space, they will be given their own space in outdoor parking facilities with a green and white sign with the text ‘share bike’ or they will be placed among other bicycles.

With Donkey Republic you can borrow a bike at a pick-up location by unlocking it via an app. After your short or long ride you return the orange bike to a drop-off point and end the rental period.

Good news for TRIPPS users The expansion of Donkey Republic is good news for the test users of our new TRIPPS travel app. With the TRIPPS app, which Innovactory is currently developing, you can choose how you travel from door to door. In addition to public transport, you can also choose from shared bicycles, shared cars, taxis and your own bicycle or car. One service for all your trips with up-to-date travel advice.

Our TRIPPS users ride a Donkey bike for free this year. Want to try out a free shared bike? Sign up for our test program at

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