Meet Zita Wang, UI-designer at Innovactory

Zita Wang

Recently the Chinese Zita Wang started working as a UI-designer at Innovactory. Curious about her role in the company, her responsibilities and how she experiences working in an international team? Read her newest Q&A.

1. The Innovactory team is quite international. You have colleagues from Turkey, Germany, Portugal and India. What is it like to work with so many international people?

Well, I love to work with people from different backgrounds! We learn a lot about each other’s culture, we share our traditional festivals and talk about cultural jokes. The funny thing is that in China, we usually take a nap after lunch during workdays. Everyone stops working, and take a nap for around 30 minutes for an energy boost). At Innovactory though, we play table football, which is much morefun!

2.What’s it like to work for Innovactory?It’s an honour to work for Innovatory. Everyone is 100% focused on improving thefuture of mobility.

What I like about Innovactory is that, although it’s a small team, each team member plays an important role, which makes the team stronger. I feel we are never short of ideas and people are not afraid of sharing crazy thoughts.The office of Innovactory is also cool: it’s in an old cosmetic factory (Labello), which consists of metal stairs and factory-style lamps. It’s a cool working environment and there is plenty space to share. We are always talking about plans to make it even better.

3. Could you explain a bit about your role in Innovactory?

As the UI-designer of Innovactory, I am responsible for the interface of the app, the look and feel and also how the users will use the app. The best part of it is to create stuff, that will somehow change the users’ behaviour and even might change people’s lifestyle in the future.Currently I am working on a project called “Tripps”. It’s a trip planning app aimingto avoid using the private car and get more access to the other public service, like public transport or city bikes. It’s cool to see how we can provide a better solution for the user when they’re on a trip, but it’s also quite challenging. It’s difficult to change people’s behaviour who have been using the car daily for so many years.

4. You work in a technical, male-dominated, industry. What’s it like to work with only male colleagues?

It’s not new to me. When I was studying at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), there were more boys than girls in the class. Especially for the mobility industry, I think it’s common to have a male-dominated environment. You can notice it by our game room, physical day activities, and our unisex bathrooms. I like working withmale colleagues: they are straight forward and nice, don’t gossip but we do love candies and cakes.

5. You’re from China, what is the reason you decided to move to Holland?

I spent the past three years in The Netherlands. It’s the best choice I have ever made. The reason I chose the Netherlands is because of the University and the location. The Netherlands is in the centre of Europe, which makes it easy to explore the continent. When I first got here, I fell in love instantly with the beautiful nature, delicious milk and cheese and the friendly and straight forward people. Furthermore, in contrast to my friends in China – you have a great work-life balance in The Netherlands, for which I am very grateful.

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