Meet Philipp Rost

Philipp Rost - Innovactory

Philipp joined Innovactory as front-end developer in October 2018. What is your experience in working for us?

It’s great! I’ve learned so many new things, working with new and exciting technologies for various applications. There is a lot of freedom for technical choices allowing me to explore, go deeper and get a better understanding of certain solutions. There are many possibilities to go beyond your own field of experience. I have been able to gain experience in React Native for App development and several other opportunities to extend my field of expertise.

How is the collaboration with your colleagues going? 

I really like working with my colleagues in a family kind of atmosphere. It’s so easy, you can go to everyone and they are always willing to help you. You don’t have to be afraid of negative feedback or so.   

What do you think about Innovactory as your employer?

Innovactory is a very flexible company. You are allowed to decide when you start or end your day and if you want to work from the office or at home. This makes is easier to adapt your work to your private situation at home. I like that it’s based on trust. On top of that Innovactory is very open and involves you in everything. Not only about what I have to do but also about the business opportunities, how we are organized, our roadmap etc. Joining Innovactory was the best decision I have made so far and I’m really happy to continue to work together with the team.

You are born and raised in Germany, what do you think of the Dutch culture?

Yes, I am born and raised in Germany, and I love the Dutch culture. Dutch people are so open and international and I admire their English skills. I am a big fan of the infrastructure and digitalization of the Netherlands. In case of digitalizing, the Dutch do a lot better than the Germans. For example, visa processes, city-related issues, health insurance services, cashless payments and more. I would say Dutch people are more creative and open to new technologies which I admire.

Innovactory is a sustainable company, what’s your contribution to a better world?

My contribution to a better world would be separating waste as much as possible and trying to get rid of unnecessary plastic trash. Also, I don’t drive a car, which is mainly because I don’t have a driver’s license but also because I like to cycle a lot.

Can you tell me more about your function?

My function is primarily working on the front-end of our new Gaiyo application. I build the UI (user interface) coming from the UX team and add functionality and new features. Furthermore, I maintain several of our websites, if there’s a problem with one of our websites I’ll fix it. If we build a new website I will, for example, set up the hosting and when we need a web-based application I do that as well.



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