Meet Leon Hemrika, our Business Development intern

Leon Hemrika

This year Leon Hemrika, a young entrepreneur, started as a Business Developer intern at Innovactory. What fascinates him about smart mobility, why did he choose this company and what are his plans for the future? Read our newest Q&A.

1. Welcome Leon! Would you like to introduce yourself?

Yes! My name is Leon, I’m 22 years old and I study Spatial Development & Mobility in the Netherlands. Mobility has always interested me and I find the current technological revolution fascinating. Everyone needs mobility. Not a day goes by without movement. I can’t even remember the last day I didn’t leave the house. The arrival of the Internet and smartphones has opened whole world of vast possibilities. I’m curious how we will encounter the increase of mobility in the future, as I am convinced that smart mobility will play a major role in this movement.

2. Why did you choose Innovactory for your internship?

During my search for an internship, I could choose between three different companies: a large consultancy, a medium-sized consultancy and Innovactory. The choice was easy: Innovactory was – and still is – the best fit for me. The reason being that working at a consultancy or for the government is not really my thing. I am in favour for an entrepreneurial culture. In addition, I feel most valuable working for a small company. At Innovactory I immediately felt like I’m “part of the team” and I’m very happy that I can work as a Business Developer intern here.

3. You’re doing research for Innovactory, please tell us more!

With my research I aim to show how people use Gaiyo – our new MaaS-app. I will explore and describe how the business model can be optimized and how the marketing strategy should be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, I’ll investigate how these insights can contribute to improving sales conversations, and how the development of Gaiyo can be aligned to the way people use the app. Although I’m conducting this research by myself, there is still a lot of cooperation required within the team. I’ve observed that there is a strong need for the knowledge and insights that my research will offer. This truly makes me feel like I’m part of the team and makes me believe I can genuinely be of value for Innovactory.

4. What would you like to learn during the internship?

I would like to improve my data analyzing skill. I want to learn how to execute enhanced analysis and use this skill to increase the revenue of Gaiyo.

5. Could you describe a day at the office?

My day starts at 08:30. Usually I’ll start with my research because my mind works best in the morning. After lunch I continue with tasks that require another focus such as; meetings to learn more about Gaiyo and Innovactory. Everyone is allowed to work from home. However, I’ve worked at the office every day since I started because it’s a really pleasant workplace.

6. Which qualities do you have that comes in handy for a Business Developer?

Rational thinking is one quality that comes in handy for a Business Developer. Furthermore, entrepreneurship has always been in my blood, a quality that fits well within Innovactory.

 7. Besides entrepreneurial, how would you describe Innovactory?

In short: as a healthy company with ambition. It all feels right, the atmosphere is always good and I notice that everyone is happy to work for Innovactory. The atmosphere is informal but professional at the same time. Great!

 8. What’s your plan after your internship?

I have my own company, but because of my thesis I didn’t spend much time on it. I really enjoy working at Innovactory nevertheless, the plan is to focus merely on my company after I graduate. I have big dreams, but currently I’m not quite sure how I will make them come to realization. I’m going to Asia for a few months in December, that’s one thing I’m certain of.

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