Meet Laura van der Werf, our new marketing intern

Laura van der Werf

Meet Laura van der Werf: our new communication & marketing intern at Innovactory! Laura enlightens us in why she applied for an internship at Innovactory, what she would like to learn and tells us about her plans after her internship.

1. Laura, could you introduce yourself? I’m Laura van der Werf, 19 years old and currently live in Zeist. I’m in my third year of studying Communication at The Hogeschool Utrecht. Subjects that I find interesting are behavioral change, social media, event management and writing analyzes.

2. Why did you choose to do an internship at Innovactory? I find sustainable mobility a very fascinating topic. I think it’s good that Innovactory is dedicated to sustainable mobility, as there are a lot of developments currently taking place within the Netherlands in this area. In addition to my internship at Innovactory, I also work at one of the busiest public transport point within the Netherlands, Utrecht Central Station. Seeing that Innovactory also works within the field of public transportation, it is a nice combination of working at both organizations.  

3. Are you getting coffee every day or really part of the team? I’m really part of the team. One of the reasons I chose for an internship at Innovactory is because it’s not a big company (yet). You can really add value and make a difference at Innovactory because it’s a small team. We work intensively together, which allowed me to learn a lot faster. This of course doesn’t mean I don’t want to get coffee for my colleagues though, haha!

4. In February you started working for Innovactory. What do you like doing the most? A lot! My favourite task is creating content and writing articles. It’s very education for me as I am required to work within all the departments of the office. What I would want to learn more is, writing for different target groups and I would like to extend my knowledge in Excel because this program has many possibilities and I would love to focus more on Neuromarketing.

5. Could you describe a day at the office? I start my day with a cup of coffee – I’ll always need it! While I enjoy my sips of caffeine, I read my e-mails and check my to do list. Daily tasks include: analyzing the website via Google Analytics and social media channels. I write and design content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the website of Innovactory. Every day is different and unique, which makes this internship already a great success!

6. What’s your plan when you finish your internship? After my internship at Innovactory, I’ll finish my education (Graduation year). Then I’m done with school for a while… except, I would like to enhance my language skills and therefore want to learn English, France and Russian. Furthermore I would love to find a job abroad!  

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