Meet: Kaisar Akhmet

Kaisar Akhmet is the newest Backend Developer at Innovactory. In this Q&A, he tells us more about moving to the Netherlands, his job and why he works at Innovactory!

Welcome Kaisar! Would you like to introduce yourself?
I am originally from Kazakhstan. I completed my Computer Science degree in Canada. After my studies, I came back home and worked in the Telecommunication and Education sectors as a software developer for around five years.

What is the reason you decided to move from Kazakhstan to Holland? I have several reasons for this. One is to learn the latest technologies and engage in the international startup community.

Do you like the Netherlands so far? Any particular things about the Dutch culture that you find interesting?
Yes, I like it very much. The Netherlands has good transportation infrastructure and a clean environment. In Kazakhstan, I was spending 1.5-2 hours in traffic jams weekdays, but now I have more time to spend with my family. Moreover, the Dutch government supports expats’ families and my wife is doing her Masters Degree in Data Science at the University of Amsterdam subsidized. The Dutch people are sporty people who live healthy lives. They cycle a lot and eat healthy food. Since I moved here, I try to be like them and my health has improved a lot.

Can you describe one thing that appealed to you the most about Innovactory?
I like the mission of the company. We believe that future mobility is going to be shaped by global megatrends like urbanization, pollution, congestion and connectivity. These will revolutionize the way we currently look at mobility and personal mobility in particular. It is going to change the way of traveling from A to B and eventually create a whole new ecosystem of personal mobility. It is an opportunity to improve the way people move, both for the individuals and for society.

What is it like to work for Innovactory and how is working during this pandemic for you?
It is a startup culture and we move fast. It is the place where you can propose your own ideas.
I do not feel challenged working remotely because we have good online team communication. It is also possible to come to the office in Almere and we have all the tools for it such as a Gaiyo card for travel and free lunch.

Could you explain a bit about your role at Innovactory and what you like most about the job?
I work as a backend developer at Innovactory. As a backend developer I am responsible for developing processes (including booking, app features such as “locking-unlocking” a car, finishing ride, generating invoice) for Amber car reservations in GAIYO app and making sure everything runs smoothly in production.

What I like the most about the job is that I have a direct impact on developing a high quality product and increasing reservations, hence transactions.

Which projects are you currently working on?
Currently I am working on optimizing the integration of TIER e-mopeds and e-bikes in our application and I find it interesting to integrate with different Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers. I would like to deliver a seamless travel experience for all our users across Europe.

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