Meet: Grigorii Tkachuk

Team Innovactory

Welcome Grigorii! Would you like to introduce yourself?

I am Grigorii and have been living and working in the Netherlands for five years now. Originally I come from Siberia. In the years that I have been working in the Netherlands I have always worked in an international team. I find getting to know different cultures very instructive and interesting. At Innovactory my job is backend developer. Before that I also worked as a scrum master and mentor. 

What is the reason you decided to move from Russia to Holland?

I have worked all over the world. In China, Thailand and Finland. I really liked working in Europe. The Netherlands seemed suitable because of the work culture here. The people are nice, but honest and straightforward. In Siberia people are like that too, I like it on the work floor. 

Do you like the Netherlands so far? Any particular things about the Dutch culture that you find interesting?

As I said before, the people here are honest and direct. They say what it says. My two children really like it in the Netherlands. The education here is also very good. I would describe the Netherlands as comfortable.

Can you describe one thing that appealed to you the most about Innovactory?

I really liked the product we are working on right now. I like working on an app that really means something to people. You can help people with travelling to their destinations. Shared mobility is a great alternative instead of buying your own car.  You can also really show your family what you’re developing. As a developer you often can’t show what you’re working on all day. You can do this by showing our app Gaiyo. What also attracted me to Innovactory was the international team. 

 What is it like to work for Innovactory? and how is working for you in the corona situation

It wasn’t that hard for me. In my previous job, I often worked from home. The distance between my hometown and the office was then far too great. I also don’t mind working from home at all. Although I like working in the office. It doesn’t matter to me. Apart from the covid-19 situation, I do think being able to choose whether I work from is great. In my previous jobs I worked with people who were in different time zones, now that is not the case anymore and I like that. Working in different time zones can be useful, there is always someone present. 

 Could you explain a bit about your role at Innovactory and what you like most about the job?

I am a backend developer at Innovactory. As a backend developer I deal with the processes behind the reservations that are made in Gaiyo. I make sure that this goes well and everything runs smoothly. With Gaiyo you can rent cars, bikes and scooters, for these processes I am responsible. I also take care of the parking technology. 

Which projects are you currently working on?

I only work on Gaiyo. At the moment I am working on a system that checks if the submitted driving licenses are valid. This system then approves or disapproves the licenses. 

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