Meet Abinash Ankit Raut, our new Backend engineer


The talented 24 year old Abinash is the new Backend Engineer at Innovactory. Abinash recently moved to the Netherlands all the way from India but is already in love with the Dutch culture, the vibe and last but not least the famous Dutch stroopwafels. We asked him how the new job is going, what he likes most about his role and how he is managing working from home.

1. Welcome Abinash! Would you like to introduce yourself?

My name is Abinash Ankit Raut and I am 24 years old. I grew up in Odisha, a coastal state in eastern India. I am a Backend Engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar. In my free time I love to experiment with Indian cuisines, play with my neighbour’s cat and explore the world of PC games.

2. What is the reason you decided to move to Holland?

Before moving to Holland, I had the opportunity to visit the Netherlands a few times and I must say, I fell immediately in love with the ambience, vibe, open culture and not to forget the stroop waffles! My friends, family and my entire life was in India, so it wasn’t an easy decision to move here. My desire to explore the world and the wonderful calm environment of Holland made it easy though!

3. Do you like the Netherlands so far? Any particular things about the Dutch culture that you find interesting?

Like would be an understatement, I love it here! The Netherlands feels like home now. The best thing about the Dutch culture is how people are direct in their day to day endeavours, coming from India it was a bit of a shock for me initially but now I like it better this way.

4. Can you describe one thing that appealed to you the most about Innovactory?

One of the facts that excited me the most about Innovactory was the international team. It is interesting to find out about different cultures and learn about them. I always felt meeting and working with people from different cultures helps to evolve as a person and Innovactory provides that opportunity to me.

5. What is it like to work for Innovactory?

It has been an interesting first month for me at Innovactory. I liked the way everyone on the team welcomed me and made me feel comfortable around them. The team has been supportive and I am really excited about moving ahead with the various MAAS projects with the team. Although it is a small team, we already achieved quite some feats. Problems are discussed as a team and everyone’s perspective counts.

6. Could you explain a bit about your role at Innovactory and what you like most about the job?

As a Backend Developer, I am responsible for developing and maintaining various backend systems to power the client side products and for various other internal use. The field of smart mobility is, as a developer, new to me and it is quite interesting to learn and develop the systems needed to keep it running. As for my favourite part, I love to brainstorm about the various problem statements with my colleagues and then proceed with building scalable, integrable solutions for them.

7. Which projects are you currently working on?

Currently I am working on supporting various backend integrations required for the Gaiyo project (a new travel app that allows you to plan, book and pay for all your trips). To make the app a great success, it requires integrations from various providers and it is really interesting to design a flexible and scalable integration framework for this.

8. You started working at Innovactory at the beginning of this month and we can imagine that it is a strange and unusual situation that you are requested to work from home in the beginning of your new job. Does it make the job more difficult?

The team coordinates seamlessly while working remotely through slack and hangouts. This made working from home easy as I could easily reach out to any member whenever needed. Although I would have loved to spend more time in person with the team at the office, working from home has been smooth and did not make the job more difficult.

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