How Gaiyo is conquering the mobility market with a free parking app


Parking is expensive enough as it is, so why pay for the use of a parking app as well? Subscription fees, transaction fees, do away with them! A free parking app has recently been launched that also offers lots of handy extra transport features and alternatives.

In most Dutch municipalities, you can pay for street parking via a parking app. Convenient, because this way you never have to queue at a parking meter and you avoid that your parking time already expires before you get back to your car. By now, there are quite a few parking apps in the Netherlands. The revenue model of these apps is that they charge a fee (around €0.30) for every parking session you pay via the app. For those who park frequently, the regular parking apps usually offer a subscription model as an alternative. You then pay a fixed amount per month (around €2.50) and can park as many times as you like.

New free parking app

Using a parking app was never free until now. Our transport app Gaiyo now changes all that. With this free app, you don’t pay any transaction or subscription fees for parking. Parking via this app is completely free, and also adding license plates and receiving parking reminders via push notifications cost nothing at Gaiyo. You only pay the applicable parking rate.

Why is Gaiyo free?

Why can Gaiyo offer its parking function completely free of charge, while other parking apps charge quite a bit? Because Gaiyo is an all-round transportation app and not a parking app only. For example, in this app, you can also buy train tickets with 10% discount and find, book and pay for all kinds of shared transport. So the new parking feature is just one of the many parts of Gaiyo, and not the part where Gaiyo wants to earn money. Therefore, the parking widget can be offered for free. And since there is no need to make money from your parking actions anyway, the app is also happy to help you find cheaper or even free parking alternatives, such as P+Rs, blue zones and free zones. 

How does this free parking app work?

To use Gaiyo’s free parking function, you must of course first download the app. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything either. Then open the app and scroll to the parking widget. Based on your location, Gaiyo scans which parking garages, P+R’s and parking zones can be found in your immediate surroundings, with the corresponding rates. Also blue zones and free zones are visible in the map view of the parking function. Thanks to the wallet system, you stay in control of your parking expenses. You fill your wallet in advance with the desired amount.

Free parking app with lots of extras

The fact that Gaiyo’s parking function is free of charge is great, but there are more reasons to use the app. Gaiyo has many other useful functions in the area of transport and mobility, which can also come in handy in combination with your parking actions. For example, are you going shopping in a city with high parking rates in the centre? Then you can use the app to plan a trip with a cheap parking zone as your interim destination. You can also use the app to plan, book and pay for your onward transport from that destination (public transport, shared bicycle or scooter). And when you get back to your parking space after a day of shopping, you can use the app to see if there are any traffic jams or delays on the way home. 

In short, that expensive regular parking app with no perks can now go, because with Gaiyo, you get more parking fun for absolutely nothing. Want to try Gaiyo street parking yourself? Then download the Gaiyo app for free and the rest is easy.

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