Horizon invests in TRIPPS

TRIPPS, the answer to the mobility of the future

Innovactory, a company from Almere, is going to develop the TRIPPS app that responds entirely to the trend of ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS). MaaS is about making the use of mobility as smart and accessible as possible, whereby the mobility offer is adapted to the needs of the traveller. By signing the investment agreement between Innovactory and Horizon, the regional development company of Flevoland, the development of TRIPPS is assured and Innovactory can expand its lead in the field of MaaS.

One app for all your journeys

With TRIPPS, travellers in the Netherlands have easy access to all kinds of transport that they can plan, book and pay for with the app. It is a total solution with a wide range of services, where alternatives are offered in addition to private cars and bicycles, such as bicycles, bicycles, public transport, cars, cars and taxis. Each user receives up-to-date and personal travel advice with a number of smart and affordable alternatives. TRIPPS also offers parking solutions for cars and bicycles, including booking and free entry and exit at affiliated garages.

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Innovactory: “We are delighted that Horizon’s funding from the TMI Proof of Concept Fonds Flevoland enables us to accelerate our (inter)national scaling up of TRIPPS. It will enable us to welcome the first paying TRIPPS users at the beginning of 2020”.

Marco Smit, Director of Horizon: “Horizon is very proud that we can help an innovative company like Innovactory with funding to realise their growth ambitions. Innovactory is an asset to Flevoland and an example to other innovative start-ups in the region”.


Innovactory was founded in 2013 by a team of former TomTom employees with the aim of developing innovative applications for smart mobility that make a significant contribution to sustainable travel behaviour. With the development of TRIPPS, Innovactory has won an important national tender, in which they have been able to leave behind several consortia with large parties. The Almere company is therefore one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

TMI Proof of Concept Fund Flevoland

The TMI Proof of Concept Fund Flevoland (POC Fund) is managed by Horizon and provides financing to innovative SMEs, with growth ambitions, that wish to invest in the development of new products or services and are in the so-called proof-of-concept phase. To this end, € 13.3 million has been made available by a programme from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union, the Province of Flevoland and the central government. For more information about the fund, please visit www.pocfondsflevoland.nl.

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