In our app Gaiyo you can use Donkey Republic’s share bikes from now on

Yet another great reason to download Gaiyo! With Gaiyo you can now book, open and pay for Donkey Republic’s shared bikes. Mobility as a service (MaaS) has been lifted to a higher level. If you want to use a Donkey Bike, you can easily arrange that within the transport app Gaiyo. 

Donkey Republic’s closest bikes have long been trackable with Gaiyo, but until recently you still needed the Donkey app to subsequently use the bikes. From now on, that’s different. By fully integrating Donkey Republic into Gaiyo, you can handle the booking, unlocking and payment very easily in your favorite transportation app.

Orange shared bikes The orange Donkey Republic bikes can be found in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Nieuw Vennep. To make use of a Donkey you do not need a reservation. You simply use Gaiyo to find the nearest pick-up/drop-off location and once there, you use the same app to open and close the bicycle lock via bluetooth.

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