We have extended experience in behavioral change within the field of mobility

Congestion avoidance

Maintain and improve accessibility of municipalities and provinces.

Stimulation Bicycle usage

Map and stimulate cycling behavior of various types of travelers.

Remote working

Relieve roads, improve the accessibility of locations.

Total solutions

Hybrid programs and customized solutions.

Project - SlimSpitsen

Case | Nijmegen

In Nijmegen we are executing two projects under the name SlimSpitsen.

We help the city to remain accessible during a long-term renovation on the Waal Bridge and we encourage residents of the municipality to work at home more often.

Participants of the project use our app TimesUpp.

Campaign: Nijmegen Goed op Weg

Commissioners: Municipality of Nijmegen and SLIMopweg, a partnership between the province of Gelderland and the municipalities of Nijmegen and Arnhem.

Partners: BuroBenk, RingRing, URBEE / GoAbout

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Case | Groningen

In Groningen, we are implementing the Gafilevrij project.

We help to keep the city easily accessible during a long renovation on the Zuidelijke Ringweg (N7) and encourage inhabitants of the city to work from home more often, to use the public transport, or to go cycling.

Project participants use our TimesUpp app.

Campaign: Gafilevrij

Client: GroningenBereikbaar

Partners: BuroBenk, fonQ,

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Slimme Reis

Case | Noord-Brabant

In the province of Noord-Brabant we are working on the Slimme Reis project.

The aim of the campaign is to improve the flow on and around the A2 between Weert and Eindhoven. We encourage commuters who use the A2 to work at home more often, to use public transport or to go cycling. The project runs until 2020.

Project participants use our TimesUpp app.

Campaign: Slimme Reis


Partners: BuroBenk, fonQ,

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Safeway project

Innovactory is partner of theĀ Safeway Project.

Safeway Project