Digital solutions

We are good at coming up with smart solutions. In the digital age we live in, these solutions often take the form of an app. Below you will find an overview of apps that we have developed. If you want to know more about our products, please contact us.


This app makes traveling a lot easier. Whether you travel by car, train, bicycle or other transport with TimesUpp you explore, plan and pay for your trip.

• Sync your agenda

• Start your journey from your own navigation

• Receive a departure alarm so that you will never be late

• Swipe through your appointments in a handy dashboard

• View current weather and traffic information

Available for iOS and Android.

Ritje van de Zaak

Ritje van de Zaak responds to what is important for a company with regard to mobility: cost control, flexibilisation and sustainability. Both for the employer and the employee. Travel behavior is an important factor here.

An useful tool for employers and employees who easily want to keep track of business trips and contribute to sustainability. The free app for the employee and the digital platform offer insight into travel costs, travel times and travel behavior. RITJE encourages employees to travel sustainably and healthy and rewards them for desired behavior.


• You gain insight about travel costs, travel times and mobility

• You contribute to carbon emission reduction

• You achieve cost savings through healthy, sustainable and flexible traveling


Use MAXS, the Dutch speed limit app to find out how fast you can drive anywhere. For those who don’t mind risking a fine, MAXS shows you the actual amount of the fine.

If you are on the road, you can very accurately see your current speed and the maximum speed limit. During the day or in the evening on the highway or on a local road MAXS indicates the limit and warns you if you are speeding.

Available for iOS and Android.


Navicuate is a crisis information and evacuation system that uses a smartphone application to inform and instruct citizens. The app provides clear location-dependent flight information before and during a flood.

Users can be proactively informed about the risks and consequences of a major flood in the area where they live. Navicuate informs what steps to take during a crisis. If necessary, it provides clear flight instructions.