CO2 performance ladder

Measures are being taken worldwide to combat global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions must be considerably reduced. Automobility makes a major contribution to this warming. We must radically change the way we deal with mobility. Habits to travel from A to B must be broken. Innovactory International wants to make a contribution to making European mobility more sustainable.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have been committed to making the travel behavior of our users more sustainable with the development of our smart travel assistant TimesUpp. More than 150,000 people have installed TimesUpp in recent years and have been helped to travel smarter. Our App appears to have a large number of behavior-changing features that regularly encourage our users to opt for a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Our company is actively engaged in its CO2 reduction internally as well as in the chain. The CO2 performance ladder is a standard to encourage companies to act in a CO2-conscious way in their own business operations and in the implementation of projects. This mainly concerns energy saving, the efficient use of materials and the use of increasingly sustainable energy. More about this can be found at

Innovactory is in possession of a level 5 CO2 certificate on the CO2 performance ladder.

From the A. insights, the emission inventories, we as a company have formulated a number of objectives. With this we want to actively start reducing our footprint.

Through this page on our website we want to inform you periodically about our CO2 performance. In addition, we have set up an internal communication structure in which we have described our internal and external communication.

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Our initiatives concern mobility and rush-hour avoidance.

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