By Denie Kasan

Innovactory has won an FD Gazellen Business Award for the second time in a row. The award is presented annually to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

“This second FD Gazellen Award is a nice confirmation that with our service to make people travel more sustainable we can also show healthy growth figures”, says Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Innovactory.

From 2018 onwards, Het Financieele Dagblad will be looking not only at revenue growth, but also at profitability and staff increases. By taking the last two factors into account, the FD wants to create a more balanced score.

Sustainable mobility

At Innovactory, we believe that future mobility will be determined by global megatrends such as urbanisation, pollution, congestion and connectivity. These trends will radically change the way we currently look at mobility and personal mobility in particular. That is why we have developed TimesUpp. TimesUpp is a travel assistant that takes the traveller by the hand during the execution of the journey. Anticipates changes in real time, optimizes and informs. Our mission is that the use of our technology will lead to a change in behaviour among our users, which will not only help the user, but will also have a positive effect on traffic flow, emissions and safety in a region where the user travels.

Criteria FD Gazelles 2018

As of 2018, the ranking of the FD Gazellen list has changed. The growth in turnover is no longer the only issue, but now also the growth of employees (measured in FTEs) and profitability are taken into account. Personnel growth is an indicator of a contribution to employment and profitability is an indicator of the extent to which a company offers added value. By taking three indicators – instead of one – into account, the price is given a more balanced basis. As a result, more fast-growing companies are eligible for a bronze, silver and gold FD Gazellen Award (the top three in each category).

The receipt of the award was noticed by the alderman of the municipality of Almere, where Innovactory is based, who personally congratulated the company.