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In a world with many forms of transport and endless travel combinations, the need for a personal travel assistant is greater than ever. We offer an itinerary planner that gives you an overview, listens to your wishes and thinks along with you. 

Our TimesUpp app gives you access to real-time travel information so you can make the best choice. A full trip planner for maximum ease of use.

With the development of TRIPPS, we go one step further. We provide access to all forms of transport and make it possible for you to plan, book and pay for every trip. This service is also known as mobility as a service. In short, MaaS.

Innovactory has won the tender for the first MaaS pilot in the Netherlands. This will provide us with a lot of information about the travel behaviour of residents in Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten and De Meern and will teach us how TRIPPS can respond to their needs and wishes. Wondering how we do this? Please contact us.

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Founded in 2013 by a team of former TomTom employees. At Innovactory we use our expertise to develop innovative applications in the field of smart mobility.

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