Avoiding rush hour leads up to a €10,000 donation for Groningen charities

Stefan Bollars van Innovactory overhandigd 10.000 euro aan goede doelen

Participants of the Gafilevrij mobility program in Groningen have saved an amount of €10,000 for charity from March until the summer vacations. They did this by using an alternative for the car as transportation as much as possible during rush hour. On behalf of the participants ‘Groningen Bereikbaar’ surprised the Groningen charities ‘Lutje Geluk’ and the ‘Voedselbank Groningen’ with €5,000 each, this week.

Groningen Bereikbaar’ stimulates car drivers to leave their car at home as much as possible during rush hour. By working from home, taking the bike, traveling with public transport or travelling at any other time, participants could save credits with Gafilevrij. The credits could be exchanged for, among other things, bicycle accessories, public transport credit or homework products.

Joint donation

In corona time, many commuters worked massively at home and so easily saved up a large sum of money. The personal rewards within the Gafilevrij program have therefore been converted into a joint donation to the two Groningen charities selected by the participants.

Termination Gafilevrij

The program Gafilevrij ended on July 3. The participants have avoided rush hours 64,000 times all together. Working from home, cycling and travelling at another time were many chosen alternatives. In times of corona, participants even worked 80% at home.

Together with Bureau Benk, Innovactory carries out the project in Groningen. Photo: Stefan Bollars, Program manager at Innovactory

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